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Private Lessons and Group Sessions are by appointment only.

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Balanced Concepts Pilates & CoreAlign Studio

Pilates and CoreAlign as alignment techniques improve functional movement in daily activities and enhances sports performance. Improving quality of all movement creates harmonious movement!

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Balanced Concepts

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“Balanced Concepts is a welcoming relaxed atmosphere for a great Pilates workout.  I have worked with Hana on both the CoreAlign and traditional equipment for 2 years.  The sessions are fun, varied, and can be adjusted for my body’s weaknesses (ex: scoliosis).  She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body.  Hana has improved my posture and strengthened muscles I didn’t know existed.” — Anne




“Twenty years ago I was referred to Hana at Balanced Concepts for Pilates.  I had never stuck to an exercise regimen before, but my experience at this studio was different.  I liked the people very much, the creative and varied routines never allowed boredom and the improvements in my posture, strength and balance were noticeable.  When I started having balance problems a few years ago, Hana suggested that I add Core Align workouts to my schedule.  I was intimidated at first but now quite amazed at how much confidence and awareness of my ‘body in space’ that Core Align has given me”. — Tina




“It’s simple, Hana’s Pilates studio(Balanced Concepts Pilates), makes me want to do Pilates.  The casual environment and small class size allows me to focus on my own body and work at my own pace while still enabling the knowledgeable instructors to oversee my workout. Everyone is conscientious of our different body types and ailments and are there to help us improve our bodies’ strength, mobility and balance.” — Guadalupe





“Since I started taking classes at Balanced Concepts three years ago, I have gained strength in my upper body, increased my balance and, most importantly for me, my bone density has increased.  Because I don’t take medication for osteoporosis, this was important to me and my doctor. The patience and expertise of Hana and her staff in the ambiance of a small, private studio are what make me look forward to going to class.
The Core-Align exercises at Balanced Concepts are now an integral part of my week.” — Jane