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Hana has been  helping me for over 15 years.  I am a runner who does not cross train.  I get injured and Hana puts me back together.  She knows exactly what muscle groups to work and  how much to keep me running and injury free.  I only have to do my part by showing up as  scheduled.  I am 55 and running 1/2 marathons again with no trouble.  I will give you an idea about her rehab work with me and my body so far; neck and shoulder injuries, plantar fascitis(foot pain in the arch), ham string injury, and last but not least low back pain.  If she can keep this old bird running then she can help you too!
My husband Steve Smith is a local chiropractor who uses Hana in his injury prevention work with all of his runners.
If you are a runner, see Hana and cross train!
Thank you Hana.
Sincerely written by Robin Smith


I began coming to Balanced Concepts after a pretty serious knee injury. I had no luck with physical therapy or medical recommendations (surgery? no thanks!), but Hana has helped me understand the alignment issues that were causing my knee problems. I can’t say enough about Balanced Concepts – I have learned so much about how my body works, and what to do and not to do! Plus, it’s just really fun – the exercises are challenging and interesting and Hana always introduces new elements. My rating: AWESOME.


I am loving the core align classes! I have been taking these classes for a little over a year, now, and have noticed the benefits in improved strength and coordination. Hana continues to make them fun and to create new challenges for us. The possibilities seem to be endless!
I have been training with Hana at Balanced Concepts for the past five years, and I’m convinced she is the best Pilates instructor in all of Pasadena and perhaps the most inexpensive as well.There is never a dull moment in her group class and there is a friendly vibe in the room at all times. From sharing recipes to finding the best handyman in town – everyone is so open with one another and newcomers are always warmly welcomed. I have taken many different exercise classes at the gym and never stuck with any of them like I have with Pilates. It has to be the only class that I have ever taken where you can see amazing results in such a short time. It is so worth it!


CoreAlign has strengthened my core more than any other exercise. After six months I no longer wear knee supports when I walk. I simply elongate my torso and the knee pain goes away. I’ve taken pilates at Balanced Concepts for 18 years and will continue to do so for the overall strength and flexibility it gives me. But adding CoreAlign seems to really counter the aging process on my body. I’ve never felt better.
I have been working out at Balanced Concepts with Hana for over 5 years. I love pilates and it is a great complement to my cardio/weight training.Recently, she has added CoreAlign training. It is fantastic!! CoreAlign is a unique, fun and challenging workout. I have felt an almost immediate difference in my posture, core strength and balance.

Thank you Hana for adding CoreAlign to your studio. It has renewed my enthusiasm and the results are undeniable.

I have taken Pilates with Hana for 10 years. It has helped to increase my overall strength and balance, which is very important to me at 67. Hana is very careful to observe and insure everyone in the class is performing each exercise properly. When anyone has a problem with any body part, Hana is always helpful in knowing how to avoid injury and do what will help to heal.I have recently started CoreAlign classes. This is an exacting pilates-related exercise done standing. At first I found muscles I did not know existed. It looks simple, but it really makes muscles work, to improve posture, and core strength. Hana is a patient, enthusiastic teacher. Can’t say enough about Hana and Balanced Concepts!

Carol Fred

Hana and Lisa have been helping me recover from a badly herniated disc. In the 6 months that I have been going they have stitched me back together and made me stronger. My acupuncturist has remarked about how much stronger I am now and that I’ve gotten myself to a place where my injury is minimized as far as it could be.
I have been going to Balanced Concepts for almost 10 years. My back was a “mess” prior to learning how to do this form of exersize. Once you learn the basics, Hana and Lisa will push you as hard as you want to be pushed. Small groups are a plus and intellectual as well as physical exersize is invigorating.